Sunday, August 19, 2012

Surprise surprise...

It was a long work day for me and I believe for everyone else that can't wait for the long weekend to start. I was one of them, as I am in need of a holiday for a while already. Although this time around I won't be travelling anywhere especially Malacca. I heard that the traffic will be crazy. 

Anyways, back to the main topic of today's blog. I had the surprise of my life yesterday thanks to my lovely colleagues. I was under the guise that it's gonna be a girls' night out. Just the 3 of us singing karaoke at CEO, Fahrenheit 88, KL. When I got there, my sales team mate and some ex-colleagues are there to throw me an early surprise birthday party! 

They are definitely creative with the cake for a start. They bought a chocolate cake and place a Rilakkuma coaster on top of it to act as a Rilakkuma cake with a sweet 16 candle. (wtf?!) Although I've stopped aging after 25, but 16 is too much. According to Miss T, I'm sweet 16...haha

I have to don a birthday princess sash, wear a tiara and carry a wand with star the top. It was a fun experience because I felt like "Sleeping Beauty". 

I receive more Rilakkuma stuff from my lovelies. The biggest "liong" thing was a gift from Miss WC, she placed my presents inside a coffee bag. Her explanation was that it was my favourite brand of coffee from Malacca. Sales people are really good at objection handling I tell you. In fact, I am impressed. My boss got me Rilakkuma earphones and it's pink!

It was a fun night of craziness and chugging of beer. Although I was pretty quiet, I enjoyed every minute of it. I did not sing much because I was tired from the whole week's work and the rest were performing so well. 

Special thanks to Ms TEL, Ms WC, Ms CT, Mr DK, Mr FO, Mr AL, Ms FN and Ms AT. I love you guys! Stay cool~


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