Sunday, August 3, 2014

꿈 = Dream

Today someone asked me what is my dream. I reread the question and stared into space for a good couple of minutes. Nothing came to mind. Am I too old to have a dream? Did I ever dreamt of having a dream or goal in life?

Maybe, just maybe, I've never had any dream. I told her I had no dream. 꿈 없어요 was my exact words. She didn't believe it. I don't blame her. She just finished high school and moving to a foreign country soon to pursue her tertiary education.

When someone just finished high school, they feel as though they can conquer the world. And can be anything that they want to be if they put their mind into it. But after college and work for a decade, the light gets dimmer.

I only feel 피곤해요 (tired) all the time. I just want to rest and relax.

Too old to dream but never to old to learn is my motto instead of You're never too old to follow a dream.
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