Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Mortal Enemy Part 2

My panties has been caught in a bunch lately due to a dilemma that I've been facing at home. My mortal enemy is not backing down from its current position. It wants to be seen and I don't want to see it. 

I thought that things will change when we got back from our weekend getaway to Penang. But alas! I was wrong, oh so wrong. My leg washing habit after entering the house was rudely interrupted. Lo and behold, what was waiting for me when I walked into the bathroom? The bloody baby lizard was on all four and gave me the cock stare. Ahhhhhhhh! I screamed!

Mr Hubs was sent in to "handle" the situation. He felt that it's inhumane to kill it so he tried to flush it down the drain with water. Well, he did that and I dared to enter the bathroom after that but with loads of peeking around to ensure that his comrades are not around. Who knows how many of them are around eh?

That was yesterday.....
This evening after work, we got home at the same time and walk into the house. I normally do not detour into Mr Hubs' "office". But something caught my eye and I immediately stood still! A baby lizard is hiding behind one of his monitor. OMFG! What does this little shit have to torment us like this ? Don't it have better places to go ? Like the Lizzie Land or Lizzie in the Wonderland or something ? He was shoo-ed away (don't ask me how I know its sex..but I just think that it's male).

This has to end. And soon..... I've been having sleepless nights...TRUE STORY.


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