Monday, October 22, 2012

Me & My Toy Camera

I'm in love. My object of desire is neither a man or a woman. It's name is Mini Diana and she's not the dead princess either. She's a blue and black beauty from my lovely friends for my birthday couple of months back. You may read about it here.

I'm sexy and I know it.

And so I started playing around with it. Being the cheapskate, I started out with a cheaper film option Kodak Ultramax Colour (ISO 400). Bought it from The Click Shop at SS2 for RM10. Got it processed and scanned for RM15 elsewhere. 

Here are some of the 1st roll of film that I personally like :

Me posing with Mini Diana's len cap at Mr SI's house in Puchong during the Raya Open House. Nice and sunny. The stripes on my top looks great with the background autogate.
Where we parked our car during the Raya Open House. Love longkang shots.

Took a trip to Malacca. Stadhuys is the perfect place to snap photo. Lovely colours.
First attempt of multiple exposure with yellow colour gel. Creepy yet cool. Taken in Malacca at a satay shop in Taman Melaka Raya.

My 1st roll of Black & White. Fujifilm Agros Neopan (ISO100) also bought from The Click Shop at SS2 for RM18. I love photos in B&W, it's so vintage. Here are some of my favourites :

Lighthouse Cafe, Bishop Street in Penang. Lomography shots of heritage building kicks ass.

Don't you miss the old school parking meters? Found one along the Logan Heritage Building, Penang.

My sister, the perfect model for Lomo shots. Cute, quirky and a tad crazy.

Light in B&W. Taken by my sister at, Jaya One PJ our go-to coffee joint.

Yawn.. is it bedtime already ? Me as a passenger in my brother's car.

Multi exposure. The wall at and my brother. 

Is this the way out ? Outside one of the elevators at Jaya One, PJ.

After trying out the cheap films which I still love and will definitely buy more rolls. I took my first step and bought some slide films Lomography style. It's more expensive but the colours are crazy ~ RM69 for 3 rolls of Xpro Chrome. Bought it from Photo Crafts at Sunway Pyramid Just got it process and collected this afternoon. Super sexcited y'all. 

My sis, Kungfu-ing at JPO.

My parents posing at JPO. It was bloody sunny, hence the eyes.

The rich colour of cross processing a slide film. The red is redder than blood. The white is oh-la-la.

A burst of colours. Shipyard at Legoland, Malaysia.

Me and my reds. Love the colour red and it's crazy with this film. Love, love, love it.

Towards later in the afternoon when the sun is not at its peak, the low sunlight still workds on the crazy colours of this Lego ship. I'm practically having an orgasm right this moment.

Duplo ride at Legoland. The perfect place to snap with a roll of slide film. The 3 basic colours brought to life; red, blue and yellow.

The last burst of sunlight before sunset at Legoland, Malaysia.

Multiple exposure along Orchard Road and my sister's face. I call it Sis crossover LV & Dior. It looks like she's wearing a hat. She loves this shot.

Before sunset at Universal Studio, Singapore.

So, here are some of the photos taken with the mini Diana and I love Lomography. Will snap more with different films to see the different effects. When I am more well verse with the camera, I will buy a vintage film camera to play with. There are some in mind but it's too expensive. I also want to check out fish eye and wide angle camera.


  1. wow, nice shots! Maybe i should get a diana mini too. Btw, found your blog by searching for instax mini 7. how is the camera? Still got use? :)

  2. ms bulat : thanks! mini diana is easy and fun to use. but the films are costly. for a start, just purchase the normal films to try and slowly use slide films coz those are for the instax 7, it's a fun camera to use as well. kids and adults both love it. i'm still using it occasionally coz the films are even more expensive hahaha... do buy and try :)


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