Saturday, October 6, 2012

Great fun at JPO and Legoland, Johor

I was away for almost a week for a break. It was hard for me to get a stable and FREE wifi while I was away hence there was no update. Last Friday was the beginning of my annual leave and I went away to Johor with my parents, sister and husband. Dad drove all the way while the rest of us slept like pigs. (Useless kids) Mom played games on the tablet while accompanying dad.

First stop in Johor was JPO - Johor Premium Outlet. A place that sells branded items below retail price. It's similar to the one I went to in Osaka, Japan. Mr Hubs bought me a GAP fedora hat at RM40. A steal I guess coz I don't know the retail price. I did not find anything of my fancy because the discount offered was not much. I kinda like a bag from COACH - reversible men bag but after discount it's around RM500 plus and I don't think I'll be using much of it except during travel. So no-no.  My sister bought an ADIDAS cap for RM39.90 and it looks good on her and a LACOSTE top. Dad bought a shirt from GAP. Mr Hubs and mom did not buy anything.

 After spending half a day there, we left to go to my relative's place. Free accomodation y'all. Haha.. Dinner and stuff and some chit chat. We slept earlier than usual, close to midnight because we have somewhere to go the next day - LEGOLAND!!!

I was the last to wake up (as usual) and got ready. Had a quick breakfast at TEA GARDEN and this time around with my cousin and her son. Left for Legoland around 9-ish close to 10 and lined up to get in. It was a delight because I grew up playing Lego bricks. It's like watching my childhood toy come to life. We took the express train first coz there was no queue at all. It took us around the MINILAND. Where famous landmarks around the world is built with Lego but in miniature size.

 We went our separate ways to explore the rest of the theme park. Had a go at a few rides that is suitable for adults coz most of the rides are build for kids. One harmless looking ride is actualy pretty scary for us except for Mr Hubs and I hate those random cameras on these rides. I normally look like shit screaming my head off. Needless to say, we did not buy those photos.

Dad later joined us for another rollercoaster ride that looks scary but it's not so bad. My mom commented that he's almost 60 and it's his first attempt on a rollercoaster. He bought that photo and we don't look so bad in that. Haha.

It was a tiring day for us all coz we walked almost the whole day and our skin is tanned like crazy. It will take me months to go back to my original skin colour. The sun was crazy hot and there's lack of shady area to rest. We slept like babies that night and ready to continue our next stop to Singapore the following day minus my parents. They are driving back to PJ the following Monday.


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