Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Restaurant Loong Foong, Taman Paramount PJ

Tonight's dinner was at Restaurant Loong Foong, famed for their roast duck. I grew up in PJ and I used to be a regular. Once I moved to timbuktoo I seldom eat here because the roast duck finishes quite fast. They set up shop around 5 plus in the evening and sometimes by 8ish all the good stuff are gone.

I am in serious need of a camera coz the pic quality is shite. iPhone is great but seriously, do you have to have such a lousy lens? Anyways, back to the food....slurp*

HK Kailan (once fave)

1/2 Roast Duck... super yummy... super hot...super crispy skin...super sensational

Chilli sauce which I don't take but just snap a photo lar for entertainment purposes

Duck gravy...I also don't take but for presentation purposes just snap photo again. I like to eat the meat in its original state in order to taste it..if it makes any sense

Last but not least, the rice. Nothing to shout about but it's a good complement for the tasty roast duck.
Managed to wallop everything in no time. I wonder when will be the next trip here again.


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