Thursday, July 7, 2011

Veg Fish Farm 2 Restaurant, Hulu Langat..see it to believe it~

Last Saturday, we went food hunting again! Destination? Hulu Langat :) Sounds far? Not really. Why? Coz I was not the one driving. *cheeky monkey mode on* Anyway, the place was introduced by Ms FN by her mom who is a big fan of the place. If possible, I think she wanna eat there every other day.

This time the makanz gang consists of me, Mr Hubs, Ms FN, Ms JL, Ms TEL and Mr LSY (disclaimer : he's not the owner of LSY Claypot). If you ask me again how to get there, well, I have no fucking idea. All I know is that it's located further down from Ampang Lookout Point.

We were seated on raised platform that sits on top of the man made fish pond. Don't feel too secure but we did not fall throughout dinner and thus alive to blog about this place.

The cutlery in case if you don't know

The area 
More pic of the restaurant

Our table number just in case if you're curious to know how they differentiate between each table by the fish pond

Oh la la Grilled Squid..our personal favorite...Ika-licious
The rice - staple food for Asian

Tom Yam Seafood - not bad, smells good but Nong & Jimmy's better in my humble opinion

Sambal Petai Prawn - the cause of flies swarming around our table throughout dinner and it's the busiest dinner ever with hand swapping from all different trying to get rid of ze pest
Some sorta Kerabu. I am not too sure as I did not pay attention to Ms FN when she ordered the food. And silly 'ol me forgot to keep the receipt as a reference. 

Tempura Sawi (if my memory serve me right) - the winner as it convert Ms JL into a herbivor that wonderful night

Salted Grill Fish - super fresh, super delicious, super super like by all of us
The hairiest cockles I have ever seen. Tastier than the normal seahum. According to my dad, it's Japanese cockles. I'm not sure as I'm not a cockles connoisseur.
Overall the food's good, fresh and worth the journey. The final stretch of road to this quaint restaurant is a bit scary for some as the road down is quite steep. A word of caution, don't drive a modified lowered car and your old tin can car there or you'll regret big time. You might be able to reach the destination but you might not be able to climb back up the hill. 

Go early or you'll end up having to wait for a table. We were very surprised to that a hidden gem of a restaurant as this has so many patrons. There is no visible sign that a restaurant nests around the area. Once you've missed the turning, you'll have to make a dangerous U-turn at the foot of Ampang Lookout Point to get back to the right track.


  1. Were there any mosquitoes when night falls?

  2. not so much i guess coz we left before nightfall

  3. I wanna try..huhu:}.


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