Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Random Blah til something Good comes up

My good friend Mr KB commented that my blog is getting boring and he will not read it anymore. Boohoo... he said that it's turning into a food blog and there are aplenty out there. I agree with him. And he said that my dad is a food blogger already. There's no need for 2 food bloggers in the house. Once again I agree with him.

What would be considered an interesting blog or blogpost? My everyday life? But it's not interesting to begin with.. I go to work (late most of the time...hate the traffic) but thank God that I've sold my car (manual) and I am now car-less...it got worst coz the commute is longer and I hate those nosy muthafuckers riding the train with me. Haven't they seen a human being with red hair before? It's not like I have 2 heads or I have a head full of snakes like Medusa.

At times, I do miss my lovely Myvi coz it's my first ever car and my baby is gone forever... 5 years of service. Ahhh! All those fond memories of shifting gears every few seconds during morning traffic, the aching of the heel due to too much exertion while stepping on the clutch and the battle of keeping the car balanced uphill and etc...


  1. Haa u can write about anything 2 everything..even your job..haiya Anything,,yepyep..
    Hai so mean he dunwan 2 read.make him read Again:}

  2. i am bored so i write lor...

  3. woi... i said for me boring lar, coz i'm not a food person, but others definitely still enjoy the blog, so keep writing la...
    plus now the pics a nicer lerr.... ;-).

  4. i might do one lar... when my skill in photography has improved...


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