Monday, July 25, 2011

Mille Crepe

I've been introduced to Mille Crepe recently and love it. I know I'm not supposed to write about food but I love food to a fault. I can't help it and I blame the mole above my mouth for it. It crave for tasty food all the time. Recently we went food hunting again, this time 14 of us. 11 went straight to PD for a day of fun activites; ATV, Go-Kart, Buggy and stuff (i think!) and 1 went back to town as he was too lazy to join us in Malacca. Me being the lazy one went straight to Malacca for some relaxing time and food!!!!

I'll cut to the chase. This time around I'm gonna share my new found love for Nadeje, located at Dataran Pahlawan. This place was introduced by Ms FN, another die hard foodie or should I call her the Dessert Queen.

The facade of Nadeje


Heavenly french vanilla mille crepe

The drive there was worth it and a good way to end our makan-makan journey to the south. Will be back again when the cravings start. But in the meantime, order from Humble Beginnings in KL (yumz!) 


  1. The "lazy" 1 went back to town coz he had to work the next day... :-P.

  2. ohh... r u the lazy one ar? hehe

  3. Yes, Humble Beginnings is the YUMMY and to die for. The best of the lot as many agree.


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