Monday, June 14, 2010

Dream Job or Helluva Job?

when i'm alone i sometimes wonder whether is this really a dream job like what everyone says. it's fun and you get to travel. yeah, to some people it may be. but for me, well, i am home sick most of the time and i can't get a goodnight sleep when i'm put up at a hotel. maybe it's the bed, the pillows or the weird noises in the background, above the ceiling, besides the bed. maybe ghost stories from seniors. sigh who knows?

on the outside, we slab on layers & layers of ICI paint and look glamorous but anyone can look half decent with makeup on. like duh! anyway, putting on makeup is sometimes a pain in the ass coz it is obviously no good for the skin. flying tends to dehydrate the skin as well. and the hours spent walking, standing, smiling...too much of anything is not a good thing~

at times, even with all the bullshit i do enjoy my job. there are always good and bad days. it's a matter of how you see it and how you want it to be. just tell yourself that " i choose to be happy & cheerful today". it does make a difference~

what i like the most would be cloud watching. it seems so peaceful. just me and the clouds. flying higher & higher floating floating high up in the air~


  1. A dream can so easily turn into a nightmare...

    Living out of a suitcase for days on end can sure bring it's down moments, no matter how positive we try to look at things. Thank goodness for Facebook, MSN Messenger, Skype, iphone and the internet.

    Post some cloud/sky photos lar, they are truly amazing, but I guess I get to see more, being a passenger on the flight, as opposed to having to work while up in the air.

    If you like flying, make sure you jump out of a plane at 15000 feet, that is one of the most amazing experiences ever.

    Oh, speaking of "those stories", I heard of a "coffin" flying around following MMI ?

  2. yeah...i tell u next time when i c u

  3. hey marvelous Mindy! h u doin? am wondering is it some kinda 'writing-theraphy' that makes u start blogging again? i wl keep reading it on k ;)

    reading thru the lines of tis post. it reminds me of those 'surplus' off days, bumming at home n growing mushrooms ;p When i start questioning myself what was i doin it all for.. the flgts.. make-up etc.. i knew it wont be long before i got myself outta flying.

    staying-positive or mere self-delusion.. i truly hope that being the 'no.2' you, the former is your true voice.



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