Friday, August 13, 2010

Road runners

I'm proud to say that I am an ethical driver. I do not drive too slow or too fast. I always let people pass through if they want to. And when my mood says, "YES". Anyway, I've noticed a few times of drivers on the road in Malaysia and sometimes you just want to slap them.

Mother with children
They tend to drive big ass car and do not know how to manoeuvre the damn thing. They tend to cut in front of other vehicles just coz they are with child. They also like to double park and take their own sweet time to get into their car if someone honk them for attention to move their vehicle away.

Young man with spectacles
Their driving skills are as horrible as their looks. No offense to guys with spectacles but this is what I've noticed. They tend not to know how to drive. They either drive too slow or too fast and dangerously. Is it caused by their glasses? Is it in the way?

Modified local car drivers
Yes, I know you don't like the original general car specifications and you spent a lot of money modifying it. But have some manners when you're driving your lean mean machine. They go really close to other cars and just cut in front. WTF is wrong with you people? Not everyone in this world are car racer ok? Some are cautious drivers. You want to die, other people don't ok?

Overly cautious drivers
Some of them are so damn careful and drive so slowly they causes accidents to other vehicles. The road sign says 80km/hr not 30km/hr so drive as per the road sign. And there are a lot of cars behind you that are using the road too.

Bitches that don't let you pass
Some woman drivers are really shit heads. I really don't know what's going through their mind. When there is a traffic jam it's caused by them. You need to let other people pass through you coz if not, the jam will be worst. The thing is this let 1 car from each lane go once that way the traffic will be smoother and everyone can go home happily. By not letting other cars pass through doesn't mean that you will get home any earlier than them ok? Comprende?


  1. I had a colleague who was pulled over on a highway in Indonesia by the cops. He was driving too slowly...:-).

    The drivers which I find dangerous are the ones who hold their mobile phone with one hand, and lose all sense of direction and speed. They seem to forget that there are other drivers on the road.

    And then there is one driver worse than that, a driver with one hand holding a phone to his/her ear and talking, the other hand sending an SMS on their other phone....


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