Saturday, February 5, 2011

Play catch

CNY brings back fond memories of my childhood. I used to spend it in a small town in Perak (mom's hometown) with all my cousins. I was lucky because a lot of them are around my age and I have playmate. My poor bro was 4 years younger than me and there was nobody his age therefore he is always alone. Being the lousy elder sister that I am, I left him all alone and have all the fun in the world with my cousins. Thinking back, it was very cruel of me but then again what do you expect from the young me.

There was a specific year that etch deep in my mind. There is a playground nearby my uncle's house and being a kid, it was heaven. A group of us was there after dinner and we came up with the idea to play catch "chinese vampire" style.  WTF you say ??!!!???

The rules are simple :-
-few of us are the chinese vampire
-the rest of us are commoner/civilian/normal human being

Those who are infected with chinese vampirism will have to catch the human and bite them thus infecting them with the disease. The only way to stop the vampire from moving is to place a make believe talisman on the temple of the vampire. However, these vampires are smart and know how to blow the talisman away. You  have to be quick on your foot and climb up the monkey bar.

I was one of the civilian and I escaped the "vampire bite" most of the time. We laughed and screamed at the top of our lungs. It was a fun time and I missed those days. Looking back, I am thankful for having a lot of cousins to play with.

All those cousins are now married with kids. They don't even have time for a proper chit chat. We have grown apart due to our schedule and life.


  1. Ish aku pernah main...haiyo...i wanna b young again ...


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