Friday, October 29, 2010

Celebration in Progress

Last night (girls' night out) we had dinner, the 3 of us. Reason? Do we need one? I love to share stories coz of kepohness. But I won't go into details for P&C reason.

Ms CAV - successful trip and back. eventhough it was a trying time but she made it.
Ms JL or BBL - successfully found a new place and moving this weekend.
Me - found a job.

Ms JL or BBL came up with an idea to eat at a particular place in Subang which we were supposed to go on a previous occasion but we seemed to have lost track of what happened then. I was super excited because I've been craving for steamed fish for a while (no, i'm not preggers).

Name of the place Restaurant Brother Yat  Lot B1-765, Jln Subang 4, Tmn Industri Sungai Penaga, Ultramine Industrial Park. Contact number: 012-6846276

Eventhough the craving starts with the fish, this dish is super nice. I feel in love with the idea of it at a previous wedding dinner. And I've just realised that I ate the fish without snapping a photo of it first ...damn~

What they do is, the bottom of the pot is filled with hot stone of some sorts. Then they cover it with that thing you can see in the pic. Throw the raw prawns on it, pour in beer or some sorta liquor and cover the lid. Wait for a few minutes and your prawn dish is ready!

Mr BW thinks that it's cruel to eat it. My argument is that if we don't eat it, something else will eat it anyway. So why waste? hehe...Have an enjoyable dinner people~


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