Sunday, May 15, 2011

Canoodling by BIG, BV II

I love urban dictionary coz it's so inspiring and they give shit load of stupid definition of meaningless words.

Canoodling means : making out or eating of noodles whilst in a canoe or any sexual act with a partner that is more than kissing but less than sex while cuddling is still able to occur. (this is according to

To me, Canoodling defines the colour yellow, affordable bowl food, located at Bangsar Village II and damn cold air cond. Anyway, it's Saturday and I slept like a pig as usual. Woke up with half the day gone (wasted). That's just me!

Anyways, my camera's dead. It's okay coz it's free. Had to use my iPhone to snap them pics. Not too good condition but it'll do.

Thai Beef Salad

Fried Wantan

Braised duck & ginger noodles


Pasta Pad Thai

I love their food because it's fusion, simple, reasonably priced and yellow. Don't the colour yellow reminds you of honey and Winnie the Pooh? Happy times. I love doodles and there's plenty of space to do so here. The table is lined with white paper (mahjong paper with the word canoodling ) and toxic free crayons.

This time around, we did not order the Duck Confit Salad eventhough it's one of the favourites of my colleagues coz I've ordered the Braised Duck & Ginger Noodle. Too much duck for people of age is no good. Too much wind... I don't want to end up with achy body just cause I succumb to my cravings for duck.


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