Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Adrenaline rush

It is always fun to have a girls' night out.

Monday 16th June 2011:
Ms CAV - co-ordinator and cut guava contributor
Ms JL - busy bee #1 cum driver for the night
Me - busy bee #2 cum tumpang gembira

The plan ; get home asap after work and wait for JL to pick me and CAV up. A promise of Grilled Lamb and etc in Klang.

The reality ; JL picked me up first due to smooth traffic. told me that we're going karaoke instead. i felt cheated, my heart fell, i have been fantasizing about grilled lamb since i was told in the morning that's what we're having for dinner. i have been salivating over the prospect of masticating the tenderness of grilled lamb.

Off we went to pick up CAV, I was plotting on how to change JL's mind as the wheels are in her hands. I've decided to send CAV a Whatsapp message, screaming for help and with a hint of kesian-ness in between the message hoping that she'll pick it up.

CAV told me to start crying, it might help she says. But I am feeling happy how to cry ?

I guess CAV is a better negotiator than me.

The end ; We went to Hing Ket Grill House, Kampung Jawa, Klang for dinner. The ride was fun, with the extra presence of a bean plush Angry Bird, laser beam, cut guava and lots of laughter thrown in.

I don't know what this is called in English. 

Otak-otak - great with beer




Grilled Lamb

We were sadly dissapointed as there was no Grilled Crab. According to CAV, it's the highlight of the place. There's always a next time. Anytime for food eh? Seeing that Wesak is the next day and the 15th day of the lunar calender, normally there isn't much meat in the crab. Full moon is a no-no time for it, I should've known better.

The after dinner plan
To check out this new karaoke joint in Sri Petaling. Musizone Family Karaoke. The only downside to this place is the lack of parking spot available. Price is good.

Ms FN just got back from Indonesia, join us for the night of fun and singing. Followed by Ms EL and Mr SY.

The conclusion :
Ms FN - sings oldies and boy band songs
Ms CAV - surprise factor. might know how to sing chinese songs from another era eventhough she's a banana
Ms JL - apa pun boleh. plenty of stamina. both vocal also can.
Ms EL - hidden talent. sing like a songbird.
Mr SY - shy. slowly being brainwashed to karaoke by EL.
Me - i can't sing but i enjoy heboh-ing

That was it pre-Wesak Day.


  1. that's a local brussel sprout-choy tam.

  2. :{..did not get 2 njoy holiday..work:O(


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