Saturday, January 15, 2011

Snail Story

As I was walking to my car after work, something on the ground caught my eyes. A very dead snail, all crushed and juicy! Ahhh.... it brings back fond memories of my childhood.

*rewind back to the year 1991-ish til 1992-ish (primary school era)

I used to ride around in my red BMX after school with a few of my good friends in the neighbourhood. I look forward to this fun activity. It is especially fun during rainy season. Reason ? Well, what comes out after the rain ? But those lovely snails....that I love so much >_<

What we used to do was collect snails. We learnt about it at school...remember Alam dan Manusia ? I think this subject no longer exists. Yeah, I'm old...lalala~ Anyways, we have inquisitive mind and think of ways to "play" with the snails.

After a while of pouring salt on the snail it gets boring coz all it does is die. No fun at all. But the book is right about killing them with salt. Yay! Going to school is useful after all~


I have some questions to ask before I proceed with my story.
-do you see anymore snails around your neighbourhood?
-have you seen a snail before?
-did you know that salt is poison to snail?

-if you answer more than 2 NO from the question above, it's either you were born much later than me or I have caused snail extinction single handedly.


First, we will collect some snails from the ground after rain.
Secondly, we will line up the snail on the road.
Thirdly, we will each take turn on the bike and you-know-what.
Last but not least, inspect the damage.


  1. Yes

    Don't think the snails will be smiling like the pic u posted....

  2. In most housing estates it is almost extinct maybe due to pesticides or pollution but you can see them in the kampung.
    Considered a delicacy in other Asian countries.


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