Saturday, December 8, 2012

Big Bad Wolf 2012

Slept almost half the day away today coz I was up all night book shopping. Book shopping ??? Yeah, the biggest book sale started yesterday by the good people of Book Xcess. 3 million books are available for sale from 7th December 2012 - 23rd Dec 2012.

The grand opening from 7th December - 9th December is something to shout about. Big Bad Wolf started the sale with non-stop opening for a total of 63 hours. It's called Mission 63. I've planned ahead of time to go book shopping at night because I thought that most families would be asleep by then and that left us childless people to enjoy midnight book shopping.

I was fucking wrong ! Malaysians are super crazy about book sales and we got there around 11-ish at night and the traffic was almost standstill. This photo is super blur because I took it with my iPhone 3Gs.

We were queuing up to pay for our books. This was taken 8.12.12 at 2.32am. We got to the end of the line around 4am.

Books are cheap, 75%-95% discount and to find out more about it. Please visit their Facebook page here.

Some of the books we bought. Between Mr Hubs and I, we bought about a box.

My brother and colleagues bought a few coz they are seasoned BBW sale go-er. And regretted buying too many useless books in the past. And for OCBC credit card user, you get a further 5% discount...hehe... Guess who's happy today ?


  1. Urghh Crowds...CROWDS..don't u just hate CROWDS..:}..i can smell the books frem here

  2. yeah...and sweaty ppl...apparently saturday was worst... more book lovers there...


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