Sunday, December 2, 2012

Urbanscapes 2012

This is a super delayed post of Urbanscapes 2012. I was there on 24th November 2012 (one day pass) coz the next day Mr Hubs have to fly off to Mumbai for training. It was also the first Urbanscapes event we've ever attend in our life.

In a nutshell, Urbanscapes is a festival for all things creative - art, music, fashion, food etc. I was super excited to attend but Mr Hubs don't feel the same way. Coz it's not really his cup of tea. He went with me coz he had no choice... hehe

I was there for various reasons...
- photography opportunity
- quirky trinkets
- gourmet snacks /desserts
- Darren Ashley

 The guy kept blocking my way. How many fucking photos you want to take of your girlfriend? 

 See what I mean ? 

People walking around listening to bands.

Cordoned off areas for 18 and above. Drinks and smokes. 

Independent blogshops set up booth here to sell their goodies.

Bought these cute badges from I Heart Badges.
Instagram - because I love to share photos in Instagram. Follow me at mashivader
Not Gay but Supportive - because that's who I am
Moustache - because it's hip now.

Fucking muddy and smelly at the food area. But this is the best spot to stand and eat. Why ? Coz it's the most cooling area. Free foot mud spa as well. And most of the food sellers are here. We spent a lot of time here. 

People milling around choosing for things to eat.

Fierce Curry House had the longest queue. We did not buy anything from here coz we were too lazy to queue.

Later in the evening where more festival go-ers arrive.

A view of Urbanscapes - Dusk

Tune Talk - big supporter of music events

I love this shot. Mud, balloon, skyline, randomness - the making of a music festival.

Volkwagen Stage presents Darren Ashley at 8.00 - 8.30pm slot.

I heart you Darren Ashley and hope that you make it big!

Me and Mr Hubs at the end of the night. Photo credit to Ashley Loh's Instagram.

My overall take on Urbanscapes :
*It would be a better event if there is a proper map (be it a pamphlet or scanned QR code virtual map) for festival go-ers to navigate around this place. Booth are scattered around wide and sparse and it could get boring in between. 
*More booth and activities should be here as it's a great event to keep people excited.
*Beautiful settings and loads of photography opportunity.
*There should be more festival models (be it mime or whatever the theme for that particular year) to snap photos.
*There should be random booth selling mineral water!!! (Re-hydrate baby)
*Random booth should sell boots 
*More seating areas at the beers and smokes area please
I had lotsa fun despite the muds and ended up walking barefoot. Got my dress, leggings and bag caked with mud at the end of the night! And not bad for a first-timer eh? 
Brought my Mini Diana (loaded with Tungsten ISO 64 Lomo Film) and Fisheye 2 (loaded with Fujifilm Superia ISO400) for a photowalk around the festival. Keeping my fingers crossed that it will turn out alright.


  1. Hopefully next year dpt pergi..haiyo missing out on alot of shit back home

  2. you'll be back for good right ? can go lar...


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