Tuesday, December 18, 2012

My fisheye experience

If you've read my previous post here, you'll know that I've started dabbling in film photography again. The last time I did was when I was in primary through secondary school. Yeah I'm old, so shoot me!

Fisheye is something new to me eventhough it had existed for a long time. And the fisheye lens/camera alway gave me a bad impression, don't know why. Maybe because it can't be taken seriously as a camera or method of photography ? Who I am to judge? I am an amateur after all.

My colleague Ms TM owns a Fisheye 2 camera from Lomography and she lent it to me. Or else, it'll still be sitting at home gathering dust. I wanted to have a feel of the camera before I make my own purchase. She got bored of it after a while because it's a simple point and shoot.

Rule #1 of the Ten Golden Rule of Lomography is Take your camera everywhere you go and I did.

I have a habit of using normal 35mm films on my first attempt on a camera. This is to have a feel of how the camera works and it's a cheaper option. If the roll doesn't turn out right, at least I don't feel so bad.

Camera : Fisheye 2
Film : Fujifilm Superia ISO 200

Straits Quay Penang. This shot was taken closer to the evening and you can still see the bright blue sky.

Somewhere along the North-South Highway. Traffic was pretty bad hence, the photography opportunity.

The dragon guarding the entrance of Jonker Street in Malacca. This shot was taken in a shaded area with flash.

The middle of Jonker Street. Performances are held here during the weekend for the tourists. Dark clouds looming above, heavy downpour is imminent.

This was taken indoor with low lighting flush flash. Fisheye is definitely a camera hungry for light. It creates a dreamy vignette feel to it. Dad is alway happy to pose for me.

My friend - the willing poser. Normally he's on the other side of the lens snapping candid shots of people. 

 I love clear blue skies. This was taken in front of SeChuan Restaurant in Teluk Intan, Perak. I was attending my cousin's wedding then and waiting for the rest of the guests to arrive. Took the free time to experiment.

I will definitely try to shoot more using this camera because it's fun and easy. I get more into the frame than the Diana Mini. And this is so much funkier. I've acquired a second hand Fisheye One for a cheap price. Still shooting with it. I hope that it turns out alright because the film is long expired. Fingers crossed and more pics to share.


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