Monday, September 27, 2010

Goddess of Gambler

Few weeks ago, we made an impromptu trip to Genting Highlands. We, meaning me, my sister, my mom, my grandma and my aunt from JB. It was a cloudy Monday when we started the journey. As I didn't get much sleep the night before, I slept all the way there. Thank god for the 6GB worth of Podcasts on my phone.

The Goddess of Gambler went straight to the casino when we arrived Genting (duh!) wherelse my sis and I walked around The First World Hotel. We are not fans of the Theme Parks but since we had about 8 hours to kill we had no choice but to walk around. We had to line up for a "while" to get on the Motion Masters. It was a Monday (once again!) and it was packed with parents and their kids. I don't remember it as the school holidays season? Don't these people have to work ? The point of this was that when we got into the theatre, these people have no sense of manners whatsoever. They bumped into you if they have to and get the "best seats". No surprise here that my sis and I got on the first row. It was total shit!

Our expectations towards the "ride" was a tad too high. We came out feeling, WTF?! And vowed to ourselves that we will never get on it ever again. Coz it was RM8 per ride and there was less than 5 movements throughout the 10-15mins. And you call that Motion Master? OMFG!!

After loitering around for a good 2 hours and had an awful lunch at Mc D's we proceed to the casino. Why awful lunch at Mc D's? First off, the staff there looks like someone died in the family. Secondly, they look like zombies wearing the Mc D's uniform, dragging their feet and taking their own sweet time. And finally, I suspect that my Filet O' Fish is stale. (i was all drugged up on diarrhoea pills so i can't taste anything)

One thing we noticed is that time passes quickly while we were inside the casino. No wonder some of the people forgot to eat while gambling. Ahem know who you are but I doubt she will read my blog.

We saw a lot of "interesting" things as we loiter around the casino.
  • a croupier that looks like Jay Chou
  • most of the good looking croupier's table have higher bets (min. RM50 or RM100)
  • a guy clad in gold jewelleries with helluva cash
  • old people with their best smiles as though they are still in their youth (their playground)


  1. Talk about Genting,lama tak gi nie...ish tah mkn marry brown ke..LOL..mungkin sedap

  2. tak woman... coz we had mcd's it suck


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