Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Facilities in the vicinity

Sometimes we take things for granted. No, let me rephrase that. We take things for granted every single day of our lives. Admit it ! We are all guilty. What happened was that I had a serious case of diarrhoea couple of nights ago and I didn't think that I need any medical attention.

And so I just left myself in a sick condition. Part of the reason was that I need to pay for it because I am now jobless. I also thought that I had some ORS (oral rehydration salts) left at home. In a way, trying to self medicate. (cheap skate mar!) Normally, I have some Lomotil at home because I am a diarrhoea queen. It has been a while I guess.

And so, by midnight my condition worsen. My ass felt like it's on fire due to the frequent trips to the loo. With no medication on hand, I felt faint. Mr Husband took a look at me and said, " Let's get to you to the clinic". I was like "OK" (if i had to choose between spending money and dying, i choose the latter)

We spent half and hour to andan hour around Puchong area to look  for a 24 hours clinic. We could not find any and decided to Google it. We found one (at last!) but it was closed. Can you believe it? A 24 hours clinic is closed on a Monday.

At that moment, I cursed out loud, "WTF?" People in Puchong cannot get sick in the middle of the night because there's no clinic open. The only options are the KPMC and Columbia Asia Hospital. No thanks! If you wish to be slaughtered, please go ahead. All I want to say is that I'm deeply dissapointed with the way things are in Puchong.

At last, we went to our neighbouring town Subang. We found one immediately. What a big difference the 2 places are. It is only divided by a village and a toll plaza. They have ample facilities and petrol stations there.

In Puchong, anywhere you want to go you have to make a big turn to get anywhere.


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