Sunday, September 19, 2010

There's something about weddings

Mr Husband and I attended a wedding this evening. Apparently today is one of those "hot" days where everyone decided  to get married. It was a lovely affair as I haven't seen the bride and groom for a good couple of years. They've moved to Singapore for work. God Bless the lovely couple.

It was a beautiful affair because of the mixed race marriage. The husband is Thai and his lovely wife is Chinese. They managed to have both types of ceremony which, to me is an eye opener. I haven't seen a Thai ceremony before.

The dinner was at a famous chain hotel from US. The food was great except the Glutinous Rice. The highlights of the night was a singing performance by the groom's niece. She has a songbird voice, it gaves me goosebump. I do experience that whenever I see something nice and hear something wonderful.

It was nice to see the joy and laughter of friend's wedding but we have yet to have ours. We are not inspired to have one "yet" because both of us are too comfortable with the way things are.


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