Sunday, September 26, 2010

A successful dinner

Mr Husband went to Bangkok for work a couple of days ago and he got back on Friday. I missed him dearly and thought of cooking him dinner. It doesn't sound like a big deal but those who knows me will think so. Coz the thought of cooking makes me run the other way as quickly as I can. I am that lazy!
My thought of this is that if you manage to lower people's expectations on you irregardless of what and when you actually did something, people will go , WOW!" OMFG! You actually cook???!!! That's great!!!

I couldn't sleep the night before he got back (too excited) and was surfing through the web for the easiest cook Chicken dish. It is also important to check for recipes which requires ingredients that I have at home. Or else I'll have to buy some extra stuff which I might only use once.

However, I am surprised to find some really good easy to make dishes on the Net. Most of the recipes are shared by chinese ladies living overseas. And I'm surprised that they did not do to much damage to the original recipe or westernised it too much.

Nai Bak Veg (my fave)

Royal Chicken

Mr Husband was surprised with the home cooked dinner. He seemed happy and ate whole heartedly. I was beaming like a fool coz it was overall a successful dinner. Woohoo!


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