Saturday, September 11, 2010


Someone once asked me, "How do you prevent pregnancy?" This was a question posed to me by a married woman with 2 kids. She asked me this after she found out that I am married for 3 years and yet to have kids.

I was shocked to be asked this because I thought that it is universal knowledge that if you don't want to fall pregnant all you need to do is use a condom during sexual intercourse. We were taught that in school if I remember correctly. It is also widely advertised to be 99.9% safe. This sounding more like a condom advertisement by the minute.

This is what I think, if your man does not want to use a condom then don't do it at all? Why torture yourself by taking birth control pills? It does crazy things to your hormones. It causes water retention and in some cases pimple breakouts.

Safety comes first. 


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