Monday, September 30, 2013

Malacca with my Canon AE-1

Most of our short trips are impromptu, including this one. We've decided to check out the new boutique hotel Quayside Hotel by the Melaka River. We paid more than our usual hotel stay in Malacca for the sake of a balcony and the river view and the beautiful Casa del Rio.

I've missed the opportunity to snap some photos of popular landmarks in Malacca on my previous trip. (psst... actually I did load the film properly coz it's a new camera) And so, I insists on doing a photowalk around A Famosa (St Paul's Hill).

All photos below are taken with Canon AE-1 SLR with Efiniti UXi 200. This is my one and only roll of this film. I bought it through recommendation from Ms Gladys of Photocrafts, Kota Damansara. I like the resullts but have to be very careful with the weather. I guess it works better on a cloudy weather. Some of my photos look over exposed. I noticed that in darker lighting condition, the details are more defined and prominent.

This was taken at the foot of St Paul's Hill. Opposite of the Museum of Islam.

Part of the park with models of old transportation.

A pregnant looking tree spotted nearby.

A resting cat awaits its mate. Halfway downhill from St Paul's Hill.

I wish that I have a zoom lens.

A little bit of old and new.

Not too defined reversed bokeh.

This photo looked burnt and dreamlike. I guess it would work better with a Lomography X-Pro Chrome 100 film. 

Praying hard that my friend can manage to get me 6 rolls from Singapore soon. Heard that it's a bargain there. I would really like to try more of this film in darker lighting condition and hopefully the results come out better.

 This roll of film is also my fastest to finish and developed. This fun fact was pointed out by my husband. Who had to tagged along with me, climbed up the hill under the hot sun and wait until I'm done. Then drive me to the lab to get this developed. He fell asleep a couple of time and try to stay awake by playing Candy Crush.

*I really need to buy a wide angle lens soon
*The current 50mm lens is driving me nuts
*Limited space, I need bigger and wider space


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