Monday, September 9, 2013

My second vintage SLR : Canon AE-1

I would like to introduce my second vintage SLR via my blog. I bought this back in July as an early birthday present for myself. I named her Stella and almost forgot about it. I'm suffering from pre-Alzheimer's disease.

This baby is older than me for sure. But I did not buy the program version because it was not available for sale when I had the money. It was manufactured and sold back in 1976 - 1984. 35mm SLR that requires a 4LR44 6V battery to work.

All pimped out with motor drive and a big ass Canon flash. Courtesy of Koon Yik from Bang Bang Geng, Publika.  *For photo shoot purposes only*

My camera with a simple National flash. Also courtesy of Koon Yik from Bang Bang Geng, Publika.
*For photo shoot purposes only*
Stella on her first trip with me to Malacca. And I had a pretty fucked up time coz I did not load the first roll of film properly. I am now very careful when loading the film.

Because of this, a lot of historical shots were missed and I kick myself everytime I think about it.
Instead, I simply shoot some random places to have a feel of how the photos will turn out. Here are some sample shots of the first roll.

This sour-ish plant has always been interesting to me. I never know its name and did not find out.

What's left of a plant at my parent's backyard.

 Waste and moss. 

Backstreet boys.

Same same but not quite the same.

My sister the ever digital camera user.


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