Friday, September 27, 2013

Random shots with the Olympus Mju II

I loaded a roll of Lomography Color Negative 400 into my Olympus Mju II back in July and only managed to finished snapping the 36 exposures in early September. Reason ? I am not confident with the film. I have my reasons. Previously, I loaded a couple of those onto my La Sardina and shit did not come out right. Maybe it's me (the snapper), the hardware (camera) or the software (film) ? Who really knows. Film cameras and humans are temperamental.

This time around though, the results are acceptable but I would blame myself for the inconsistent results. My analogue guru KY asked me, "Did you snap as though you're using a digital camera?" and I said "Yes, boss".

"No wonder your photos turn out like this. You have to take your time and look throught the viewfinder, allow enough light to enter and compose your photo before snapping. These things are old, take it slow."

I will remember this for life. It is actually good advise. I've been too kan cheong.

Kafe Mews at Lebuh Muntri, Penang. We stopped here for drinks and cakes after our visit to the nearby Camera Museum.

Consistency is what Antipodean Cafe Bangsar is all about. Love the coffee here. Kao like how I like it.

Maritime Museum in Melaka. Ahoy! It was a cloudy weekend.

I can't remember the name of this building despite working nearby and pass by this place every single work day. I call this photo Plant vs Building inconjunction with the now popular Plants vs Zombies II.

The pool area of The Westin KL. My friend's husband and her son was swimming at that time. It was good fun!

Toy Soldiers by Martika comes to mind when this photo was taken. Mr Jones' Orphanage in Bangkok is a place for indulgence especially for ladies.  They specialises in milk drink products (both hot and cold) and cakes, cakes, cakes....

Barricade me, baby! was taken outside of MBK Bangkok.

Colorful taxis awaiting for customers outside of Siam station in Bangkok.

It's nice sometimes to have a variety of photos from different destination in and out of Malaysia. I will keep taking photos from different cameras to further understand them.


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