Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Cameron Highlands with my Canon AE-1

We recently took a trip with 12 of our closest friends to Cameron Highlands for Merdeka. Not very patriotic, eh? We booked a bungalow on top of a hill of Tanah Rata called Jim Thompson Cottage. This was where Jim Thompson (the Thai silk tycoon menghilangkan diri while visiting friends there).

Just so you know, the place is not spooky at all. In fact, I love that the bungalow we booked was 93 years old. Full of history and have a fireplace installed in one of the room. Flora is abundant there.

Photos are taken with Canon AE-1 and Kodak Colorplus 200.

Sebatang pokok.
Plant arrangement.
A healthy looking one.
An almost dead one.
Some are over exposed but it still looks good in my opinion.

Photos are taken with Canon AE-1 and Agfa Vista Plus 400.

Taken on top of BOH Tea Plantation. I almost died climbing up the hill. Shows how unfit I was and still am.

This turned out worst that I imagined. I wanted this to be darker so that the sampahz can be seen. A dustbin is labeled and ready to be used and yet people still choose to throw the rubbish everywhere but the bin.

White orchid. The purist.

Yellow rose.

Morning glory. Almost got attacked by a nearby bee.

From Jim Thompson cottage before departure.

Bamboos under low lighting.
Stumbled upon a new place in Cameron Highlands.

Vines under low lighting. Get tangled in my web.

I prefer the colors of Agfa Vista Plus 400 compared to the Kodak Colorplus 200 as I feel that the former has less green undertones. Planning to try B&W next after I'm done with Fujifilm Superia 200.


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