Monday, November 4, 2013

Fujifilm Proplus II at Laman Pesona

I found out about this place called Laman Pesona from my husband's friend. He is a local Raub boy and discovered this place by chance. I looked it up online and like what I see. So I proceed to book for 2 Standard Chalets and asked my parents and brother to join us for the weekend.

Legworks by Mike

This place is super steep and requires some strong leg work for the climb back to the chalets. If you're too lazy to do so, you can always request for a ride from one of the two 4x4 vehicle that is provided by them.  Service runs from 8am - 12 am.

I love the serenity of this place and wanted to extend our stay but my brother need to get back to work today. The rest of us are on leave or retired. 

The viewing deck - the only way up is by foot.

View from the top - downwards to the chalets

The peak of the resort.

It's very peaceful here with pleasing deco around the resort. I feel like lying on the grass and enjoying the sun.

Mini Zoo for the kids.

All the photos above was taken with a film camera. Canon AE-1 with Fujifilm Proplus II. I love the contrast on this film.

If you're keen to check out this place, here's the website.
I'm not paid to write about this but I like the place and wish to share it with you if you love nature.


  1. Yes,hopefully next time boleh pergi..

    1. when gab is older... it's easier to move around and travel...


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