Monday, February 20, 2012

Relaxing weekend in PJ

Mr Hubs got himself a new phone (pssttt...for steve i heard) and started using Flipboard (despite me urging him to do so much earlier). Always listen to your wife and you won't go wrong...hehe I've been using Flipboard since end of last year, no regrets so far. It's convenient and easy to use, provided there's wifi service. The more shortcuts you create in the app, the longer it'll take to load.

Anyway, this post have nothing to do with Flipboard. It was more like convenience and it's easier for him to read my blog. Yes, we live together but the amount of time we actually speak to each other on a weekday is less than 2 hours (tops!) per day. The best way for him to know more about what's going on inside my brain is to read this.

And to entertain him, I've decided to talk a bit of cock and put in a photo of mua edited using Picasa 3. Easy to use as I'm a total Photoshop bodoh person. No matter how much I wanna learn or how bad I need it to edit some of my raw photos, I can never make any sense of the program.


This is me, the usual me. Playing with my phone with no regards to my surrounding, plotting for world domination or a possible blog post idea. I wish that I could be so relax every single day. Better chance of nicer skin, less wrinkle and more hair.


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