Tuesday, February 7, 2012

iPad Dock

My first ever purchase from those online coupon thingy. It was a group purchase with Ms CAV on New Year's eve at Ms JL's house. Just got it after 1 month, it says on the website that it takes 21 days coz it was CNY break in between. (don't blame them)

The packaging. Don't look like it's worth RM50+

The dock without cable

The rear end and it doesn't come with the cable. It came with a car charger instead. Now the question is, why do I need a car charger for my iPad dock when normally people will use the dock at home? I wonder :(

Ta-dah...not very stable and had to remove my iPad cover. But it's okay lar... It look impressive.


  1. Very impressive I must say..Coupon?from Groupon zit..they've got very impressive deals ya..

  2. beware of online deals... they are normally shit woman...this is quite okay so i bought


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