Friday, February 10, 2012

Power Dinner

As Mr Hubs was out of town this week, 2 of my good friends Ms CAV and Ms JL ajak makan dinner at Sushi Zanmai, Sunway Pyramid. It is Ms CAV's favourite makan place. By the time I got there, there was a line outside. Sorry dears...I guess you guys have to line up... we made reservation...haha

We started talking and made additional order. There is a reason for this...I can assure you. Ms CAV is known to order a lot (too much) and not able to telan everything. So, for this very reason she ordered some food with Ms JL and I order whatever I wanted to eat. Coz I'm a cow, end of story.

As I sat there with them, I started doing some calculation in my head. Not calculating as in manipulation and shit. More like, "Hey, I've been friends with Ms CAV for 16 years and here we are still going out for dinner and stuff" It was a great feeling to be honest. Ms JL goes to the same school as us but I've only gotten close to her in recent years. However, knowing someone for how many years is not the most important factor in friendship.

It is how the friendship is maintained with trust, honesty, great understanding and forgiveness. (when necessary) When we were younger, we want more friends. Quantity wins hand down over quality. However, as we age we will have lesser friends but better quality friends. Friends that we could keep for life. We might not see each other everyday but we are assured that whenever we need them they are there for us.

I am thankful for those who are still with me and understand me and accept me for who I am. I am not perfect but with you guys I feel 101%.

For those of you who thinks that I'm a bitch, screw you. Life is short, why do I care?


  1. Lama aku tak Gi Sunway Pyramid.Mesti go there one day..Same goes for Pavilion and Time Square.I've never actually jalan the whole place..

  2. Oh yes i feel the love....... Xxx

  3. Alison : u selalu kat E.M'sia how to jln-jln kat sini lar...cum back
    Poizon : Hehe


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