Monday, September 26, 2011

Elevator Etiquette

#1 Thou shall not push your way in when it's obvious everyone wants to get inside the elevator
#2 Thou shall not take your own sweet time walking into the elevator when it's obvious everyone is late for work
#3 Thou shall not hog the electronic panel when you have no intention to hold the door for others
#4 Thou shall not force your way in when the elevator is FULL, you are NOT microscopic the alarm will go off
#5 Thou shall not force yourself in and when the alarm goes OFF and be nonchalant about it
#6 Thou shall get the hell outta the elevator when it's obvious you are the culprit
#7 Thou shall not talk on the phone while inside the elevator, don't make a fool outta yourself
#8 Thou shall not let others "forced eavesdrop" on your phone conversation for we don't fucking care
#9 Thou shall not block the way when someone wants to get the hell outta the elevator, you're not hollow neither are you invisible
#10 Thou shall not smoke inside the elevator, it's for getting from one floor to another. It's not your house


  1. so true... i will have part #2 of this soon...once i've gathered more hilarity outta it


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