Sunday, September 25, 2011

ATB at Main Room, Zouk KL 23.09.11

ATB - Andre Tanneberger
My favourite DJ of all time recently came to KL and perform at Zouk KL. I was there with my brother and we were the first in line to get in to the Main Room. His performance was excellent and we loved every moment while he spins... but the bouncer's attitude was horrible, it's on par with their sound system.

ATB should perform at a different venue instead and the crowd sucks. And a lot of stinky armpits on that night. Thank God, we got there first and manage to choose the best spot in the house. Cooling and safe from pits aroma attack...

I hope that ATB will come back to Malaysia soon... it's my only consolation this year for I did not manage to buy Faye Wong's concert ticket... boohoo.....


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