Wednesday, March 5, 2014

My ever faithful Olympus Mju II

I love carrying my Olympus Mju II camera around for its lightweight and reliability. And I love Lomography's now extinct X-pro Chrome 100 film. I still have a few rolls left with me :) I am one happy ahjumma !

Here is my most recent roll from various locations.

Cute wall art from Mugshot Cafe in Penang. I love the hanging red cloth. It's so much like Chinese horror movies.

Random sign near my in-laws place in Penang.

Empire Damansara during Chinese New Year break. They have replaced the brollies with red chinese lanterns.

Minus the lantern, this place looks like Europe.

The infamous DPAC or Damansara Performing Arts Centre.

One of the many steel staircase in Empire Damansara.

It says Heritage Lane. But it's in Empire Damansara. The arch is near Texas Chicken.

 And a shot of Bangkok of  course.


  1. Hey that's a nice blog there! I was wondering if they have replaced the lanterns with the umbrellas yet?

    1. Thanks ! I'm not sure whether they've changed it back to the umbrellas or not as I haven't been there after the photoshoot. Nevertheless, it's a cool place to shoot and have a cup of coffee. Have fun!


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