Saturday, June 8, 2013

Olympus Mµ II

I'm back with something to blog about. I've recently acquired a pre-loved unit of Olympus Mµ II from  my client. (No, I'm not a camera seller just an amateur collector) I remember that my high school friend used to own a unit and was so jealous coz the camera was so sleek  and its subtle gold colour is beautiful like a glass of bubbly.
This beautiful baby is also known as Stylus Epic in the US of A. It was an award winning 35mm compact point and shoot back in 1997. I will not go in depth about the specs because it's boring. All I know is that this is a very reliable and light film camera to bring around. The photos are crystal clear and easy to use.

I test a roll of Fujifilm Superia X-tra 400 35mm film (24 exposures) on this baby. And I love the results. If you were wondering where I got the 24 exposures film, I bought it from Amazon. Malaysia only have the 36 exposures type of film.

See the clear details on Doraemon ? This was taken indoor with flash with another hour or so of sunlight.

PJ Live Arts - with flash around 8-ish in the evening. I feel that red tend to 'pop' in Fujifilm Superia range be it 200 or 400 ISO. 

Interior of Publika without flash around 5pm. Soft hues and reverse bokeh. I love this shot among all of it from this roll.

 Shot without flash indoor of Nando's Sungai Wang. I was expecting blank from this shot but am truly surprised with the result.

Happy couple - shot at Fatty Crab Restaurant PJ around 6pm without flash.

Same as above. Shot without flash around 6pm. Even the chairs in the background are crystal clear.

++Can't wait to shoot slide on this camera. I'm very very happy with my new toy++


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