Monday, June 24, 2013

Lomography Tungsten 64 on Olympus Mµ II

I took a trip to Bangkok 2 weeks ago with Mr Hubs. The last time we went was around end of 2008 or early 2009. Can't really remember coz it was too long ago. This time around, we stayed for a week. Walked a lot, didn't do much to be honest. The best though is our trip to Ayutthaya. 1 hour away with taxi and we rented a taxi with free wifi from 7.45am to 3pm for 2700 Baht. (approx. RM280.80) We sent out around to 5 Wats and a Floating Market there. So it's well worth it.

Although our initial cheapskate plan was to take a train (like KTM) and buy a 3rd class ticket with no aircond for 15 Baht each (approx. RM1.56). And the journey's about 2 hr 50 mins. And lots of tuktuk rental from there on. We chose not to and we're glad coz it's the raining season.

I've got some rolls of film processed and want to kick my stupid ass for not checking the settings of each camera properly before using it. I want to cry to be honest. All is quite blurry except for my Olympus Mµ II camera. I set my La Sardina to Bulb for Daylight exposure arrrgghhhhh MF!!! FML!

Anyway, here are some shots that I can accept.

Majestic prang.

Rows and rows of Buddha figures that are not destroyed during the war. Donned in bright yellow cloth.

Random bricks. Reverse bokeh.

Clock tower at Chatuchak Market. One of the many popular meeting point in the ever busy weekend market in Bangkok, Thailand.

Colourful taxis outside of Chatuchak Market, Bangkok, Thailand.

Victory Monument. The busiest area in the whole of Bangkok as it is the public transport hub.

Random electrical cables outside of Exit 1 of Kamphaeng Phet MRT Station. We were taking a breather and an iced cold bottle of mineral water waiting for the day to end.

Busy roads near Indra Square, Bangkok, Thailand. View point from a pedestrian bridge.

I want to end this and say that Tungsten 64 is still my favourite slide film. It has not failed me yet. But I now know I dislike Lomo's negative film and their redscale. Those should be discontinued.


  1. I wanna cry when hearing that the cameras were in wrong settings... :(

    So u went to BBG today qto develop?

    1. no ar... i always send it to photo crafts wan. but it's really my fault :(((


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