Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Marc Jacob iPad Cover

Been busy, hence the sporadic posts recently. I will come up with some interesting posts soon when my mind is a little relax and I don't have to rush around thinking of what to write and snapping photos of food. You will notice that the following pics that I'm about to share looks horrible. I am not good with lightings and shadows just yet so please bear with me.

Recently I splurge on the above mentioned "Title". Been wanting to buy this for a while but it costs about RM400+ at Marc Jacob shop in Pavilion KL. I wanted a cheaper option, therefore I ordered online at www.shopbop.com with the help of Mr NN (the orderer, account holder and influencer/conspirator)  and Ms WC (the shopper, the never ending shopper, avid YSL and Hello Kitty fan and order consolidator).

Woohoo...I was super sexcited to unwrap the box. It's like receiving Christmas present.

First layer of plastic gone. Sexy ol' box.

The brand

The front of the cover

The inside plus a hint of my legs on the background...sexy mou ?

Insert the iPad and stylus.

And we're ready to rock and roll. Love the bright red colour and the thickness of the cover. I am one happy camper. The next splurge will be in the next century. No more spending money, period!


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