Monday, April 16, 2012

Are you an a**hole ?

Do you sometime question your own humanity? Do you think that you're a model citizen or otherwise? What bout the things you do daily? Ever wonder if you are indeed an a**hole with a capital A? Review the list below and find out :

- road hogging
- kick children or small animal into the longkang for fun

- farts inside the elevator and pretend to be disgusted with whoever that did it
- adjust your "salah parking" in public
- dispose your chewed gum under the table
- throws rubbish outta the car (the important thing is that the car is clean, who cares about the environment?)
- spit everywhere you go
- you curse at people for no apparent reason (maybe they were born ugly? not their fault, just bad genes)
- start talking on the phone inside the cinema
- kick the seat in front of you while inside the cinema
- starts talking in a manja voice with speech impediment in public (nobody needs to know that you're a retard)
- cut people off mid-sentence continuously
- place your bone from chix or what not on the dish plate while others are still eating
- thinks that you're better than others coz you're older (not always wiser you know?)
- attention seeker
- block the entrance of an elevator while others try to move in or out (hello? you are not transparent you know? unless if you own Harry Potter's Invisible Cloak then I have nothing to say lar)
- do not hold the door (any door) for others while it's obvious they are carrying loads of stuff
- contact friends only when you start selling insurance, direct selling and MLM shit
- drive even faster when someone put on his/her signal light to show they want to merge lane
- keep bragging about your virginity when it's obvious that you are loose as a goose (LAAG)

There are 20 items above and I'm sure there's more when it comes to determine whether you're an a**hole. Let's make it simple for everyone ok? If you do any 5 of the above, congratulations my friend you are a CERTIFIED A**HOLE. Big time~


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