Thursday, June 28, 2012

Fifty Shades Trilogy

Recently I came to know about these books by E L James and I was floored. Heard of it through The Kane Show (a US radio station that I listen to religiously). The attraction of this book? Coz it's erotic and I love my kinky fuckery <--- quoted from the book...hehe (see? I'm giggling like a high schooler...) 

Reading has always been my first love and I've lost touch with it for a while. Since I've started working in a publishing company, such irony isn't it? My time is consumed by works and events and the only thing I read now are the magazines that are published from my company. Not a bad thing at all. But I crave for more.

I was told that these books are not available in Malaysia due to its content. And I went and download the e-books, all 3 of it. Somehow it's not the same reading it from the iPad. I've finished reading the first book in record time and immediately starts on the second e-book. And felt something amiss. I have to have the physical copy of this book. I MUST HAVE IT AND I DON"T CARE HOW I GET MY HANDS ON IT!! I posted a shoutout on my FB and ask for help to purchase it from Amazon. My ever helpful brother offered to buy it for me. But before we take another step forward, a lovely colleague of mine said that it's available for sale at Border's. Goodness! Thank God for that!

I call up the nearest Border's outlet and reserve my copy of the trilogy. And I picked it up on the same day due to my yearning to hold, smell and feel the book. I sound like a total nerd I know but I can't help it. Enough of my obssession to own the books and straight to the books and why it's so good.

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Book 1 - Fifty Shades of Grey 

  Anastasia Steele - university graduate with a 4.0 GPA met the young, rich, handsome millionaire, billionaire, gazzilionaire Christian Grey. The story revolves around their strong chemistry for each other and how Ana was seduced and brought into Christian's dark world of BDSM. Try as she might to please Christian and immerse in his world, she could not and left him.

Book 2 - Fifty Shades Darker

The story continues with Ana and Christian having broken up. All hell broke loose for both of them. They crave to be in each other's arms again. They could not stay away for long and met yet again. This time around, things changed as Christian is willing to put aside his "lifestyle" to please Ana. 

While his dark past slowly unveil itself, will they be able to overcome it? And stay together stronger than before? With every 2 steps forward, it seems that they eventually move three steps back.

Book 3 - Fifty Shades Freed

I would say that the final book is a book of revelation and a mix of thriller as well. There's an eclectic mix of drugging, kidnapping, extortion, blackmails in the final book. And the book is un-put-downable. Be sure to read this.

What I like about the trilogy is that it's different from the usual author written stuff. It started out at FanFiction and was inspired by the Twilight saga. There's some similarities in the background story minus the vampires and stuff. And the style of writing is totally different. It will tell another side of the story from another character's perspective which I love.

This is too cool for words and I will definitely re-read it and this time with the song"Glad You Came by The Wanted" playing on loop as I read the whole fucking trilogy again.

If you're easily offended by sex or intimacy or sex toy, do not read this and I repeat do not read this. I hate assholes that reads certain things and complain about it (unless it's totally shitty lar...) and it's against your view. Eh MF, if you are so sensitive don't fucking read the book okay? 

% End of Story % 


  1. I was contemplating whether to beli or not.Someone on U tube recommended and I was like hmm umm hmmm,so I didn't belilah..Another highly recommended book is Looking for Alaska by John Green

  2. i told u rite? i will beli this trilogy for you...


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