Thursday, February 20, 2014

2014 - A new beginning

I have been lazy. Utterly, disgustingly lazy.

I have neglected my blog which had kept me sane when I first started it. Not that I'm mental.

Anyway, last year was shit. Somehow I have endured it. And I welcome 2014 with open arms and positivity.

I visited more clinics that I dare to count and consume more medicine than a small village. There were good times as well with loads of weekend getaways.

I will be more rooted this year (hopefully!) and continuing with my Beginner 1B Korean Language classes. Another 3 more lessons to complete this level. Yay!

This year is a first for many things. I finally went on a holiday with just my siblings, something that we have never done. Eventhough it's a short trip, we are immensely pleased with the break.

I miss the clear blue skies of Bangkok City. The above is taken at Grand Palace Bangkok.


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