Friday, November 9, 2012

My Facebook Status Update

Does one Facebook's status update determines the personality of a person?
I'll share mine and you be the judge.

4 Hours Ago
I love Christmas #brekkie #starbucks #kl #malaysia #christmas #coffee #donut
This comes with a photo which I posted on Instagram. A Cappuccino and a Donut in Christmas Packaging

13 Hours Ago
The perks of being a wallflower was compelling and a good read. It's time to move on to Kiss the Girls by James Patterson.
With a photo of the cover of Kiss the Girls propped on top of my thighs.

13 Hours Ago
Oh gosh, this looks uh-mah-zing! But I dare not take the risk and invite Mr Migraine #marketo #brownie #dessert #southkorea #igmy #instafood #salivating
An open box of brownies from South Korea. A gift from my sister in law.

13 Hours Ago
does this site brings you to new places to eat? and you like the dry humour that comes with it ? excellent! share this shit!
Here, I share my food blog and shamelessly promoting it.

14 Hours Ago
I posted a photo album of a recent birthday dinner of 2 of my colleagues.

My own conclusion :
This person love coffee,enjoy reading, love dessert, have a blog and into photography.
It describes me to a T.

You might want to do the same too and find out.


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